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Fantasy Parlay Cards

Since almost everyone has smartphones why not go digital and eliminate paper costs, printing costs, all the time correcting!

Our new “TEST’ website will allow you to set up secure leagues, invite your clients to play on their computers or smartphones, and our software will handle the rest.

  • No correcting cards
  • No printing costs, ink costs and lost time
  • No time spent distributing the cards
  • Live lines for all parlay cards
  • Parlay cards can be filled out on a computer or a smartphone
  • You just need to collect!

The parlay card “leagues” are extremely easy to set up and manage!

Simple 4-step process to create a league

  1. Create a username and password for the website
  2. Pay to host the league (This will be free during the beta testing over the next month)
  3. Create a league (Name of the league, league password, rules, etc)
  4. Invite your clients to join the league.

After that it is totally hands off…you can monitor winners and losers if you want. At the end of the week you can check the site and it will have corrected all of your cards. Your clients will be able to view their cards at any time on the website, either from their computers or smartphones!

Watch these 2 videos below to see how to manage and operate the parlay cards leagues
How to manage the leagues
How players would fill out parlay cards


Enjoy the free test website and please give us feedback so the website is exactly the way you want it once the NFL regular season starts!